The Platform

Sponsia is the online marketplace facilitating the connection between sponsors and organizers of events, causes & activities.

Sponsia gives professional and non-professional event organizers the opportunity to raise funds and create better events helping them find cooperating interested sponsors.

Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from a wide choice of activities that could bring their brands and business fruitful connection with their target consumers, thus influencing the awareness, image and sales.

Sponsia brings sponsorship to a new level by giving new opportunities, providing flexibility and suggesting new budget-friendly formats of sponsoring – beneficial for both sides.

Sponsia does that by changing the meaning of both Event and Sponsor.

Event is no longer the usual “big thing” like a concert, a festival, a congress. You don’t have to be a big event company to benefit from sponsorship. Every niche gathering of like-minded people can be called an event and can find a sponsor with our help. It could be a small conference, a stag party, even a wedding. And every one who organizes such events is welcome here. We call such people – Eventpreneurs.

And who is the Sponsor? No longer is this title a privilege of big companies and multinational giants with considerable budgets. Everybody with a business, may it be small, a brand or a service can be a sponsor and find events or mini-events that match exactly his/her aims and target consumers. And even if such event is not currently registered you can place your request and inspire organizers to do it.

In short: big or small, sponsor or event organizer, if you want fast, thorough, well organized and to-the-point information – this is the place to look.

The Story

The company is founded by Milen Ivanov and Teodosy Teodosiev on the 20th of November, 2012 - by coincidence also the birthday of one of the founders.

Our vision is to create a whole new channel for advertisers via a global online platform that will help people to sell branding opportunities from the events of their lives to interested brands and businesses.

Sponsia is backed up by Eleven - a EUR 12 million venture fund that provides financing to early-stage startups, powered by Springboard, the leading European startup accelerator.

The Authors

Milen is a serial entrepreneur with marketing ideas and skills. He has organized tens of branding-friendly events and sold business services to corporations and brands for a lot of money. He knows a lot of people and talks a lot, especially if you catch him in the mood.
Milen Ivanov
Teo is a technology and web guru that has fallen intothe habit of creating successful online projects and getting involved in disruptive start-up challenges.
Teodosy Teodosiev
Silvena is a powerfull player in web development. Her passion
lies in utilizing latest technologies to deliver a great user product.
Silvena Dragostinova
Jivko is addicted to design and its application in every aspect
of life . He creates Sponsia’s graphical and usability interface.
Jivko Todorov
Graphic Designer
Niki is a natural sales person with an eventpreneurial drive and
ideas. He is in charge of preaching Sponsia’s innovative approach to
Event Organizers and Brands.
Niki Markov
City sales manager
Vladimir is a dedicated professional enchanted by social media and digital marketing. He is responsible for increasing Sponsia’s online reputation.
Vladimir Ivanov
Online marketing specialist
Jan 2011 E-nnovation Contest finalist Poznan, Poland
Jun 2011 Platform test and development
Dec 2012 Company foundation
Jan 2013 Eleven VC funding
Apr 2013 Launch of beta