Sponsia in competition for the World’s Hardest Working Startup prize

We are happy to announce that Sponsia is among the competitors for the World’s Hardest Working Startup prize. The challenge is part of Web Summit 2013 – Europe’s biggest tech conference that will take place on 30 – 31 October 2013 in Dublin.

You can show your support and vote for us by hitting the Like button here:


To be considered for the top prize we must make it to Top 50 before the deadline on 11 October 2013!

As we already informed, Sponsia will have an exhibition stand at Web Summit, next to the world’s most promising startups and leading tech companies.

Осигури кафе паузата на твоето събитие със Sponsia и Coffeespot.bg

Организирате събитие от типа на конференция, семинар, обучение или събрание и имате нужда от подкрепа за провеждането на кафе паузите?

Включете се в съвместната кампания на Sponsia и Coffeespot.bg и осигурете кафе паузата на вашето събитие, като получите:

-          Кафе машина

-          Кафе продукти и аксесоари

-          Обслужващ промо екип

Как да участвате?

Посетете страницата на играта на адрес http://sponsia.com/campaign и регистрирайте вашето събитие. Условията са то да се проведе между 14 октомври и 31 декември 2013 г. в границите на Република България и да включва поне 1 кафе пауза в програмата си.

Крайният срок за участие в кампанията е 6 октомври 2013 г. Победителят ще бъде определен чрез жребий между всички събития, отговарящи на условията, и обявен на 8 октомври 2013 в страницата на играта, както и в страницата на Sponsia във Facebook.

Организатор на кампанията е www.sponsia.com – глобална онлайн платформа, която свързва организатори на събития, каузи и дейности с компании, които търсят ефективни начини за реклама чрез спонсорство.

Кампанията се провежда с партньорството на Coffeespot.bg – най-големият онлайн магазин за кафе, чай и кафе машини в България.

Включи се в кампанията тук!

Easy Sponsor – Sponsia’s unique beneficial service for both sponsors and event organizers

Easy Sponsor is а unique service developed by Sponsia that creates new business opportunities for both organizers of events and sponsors. The tool gives sponsors the ability to effortlessly advertise their offering to all the attendants of a specific event by creating and distributing a special voucher that will go directly in the hands of their target client group. Event organizers, on the other hand, have the chance to earn some extra money by distributing vouchers and brochures with offers from sponsors on their events and get paid per distributed voucher.

How does it work?

Emily Wilson works as an Event planner at a Speed dating club and she is responsible for organizing its regular meetings. She decides to sign up on www.sponsia.com in order to find new sponsors for the club’s events. While registering the club’s upcoming event on Sponsia’s platform, Emily indicates that she allows potential sponsors to advertise their offering to the event attendants in the form of printed vouchers/brochures. She provides a shipping address where the vouchers will be delivered in case there are interested sponsors.

John Stratford is the owner of an online clothing store who wants to increase the sales and the awareness of his brand through advertising at events. He registers on www.sponsia.com as a sponsor and gains access to a number of special features, including  “Easy Sponsor”. John decides to advertise with a voucher at events – he creates a unique voucher by choosing an original design, importing his brand’s logo and formulating a special offer with a 15% discount for his online store. In the next step John starts searching for events that precisely match his business needs and target customers and he finds the speed dating event. He sends the organizer of the event a sponsorship proposal with the number of vouchers he wants to distrubute.

Emily receives a notification about the offer, checks it and confirms the deal. John is charged for each voucher that will go in the hands of an event visitor. And that’s all they have to do! Sponsia is responsible for the printing and the delivery of the vouchers to Emily’s event. She just needs to put the vouchers in the hands of all the guests of the event and after the event she gets paid for each distributed voucher!



What are the benefits for the Event Organizers?

Event organizers get the opportunity to earn extra money from their event without much efforts – they only have to give each attendant a voucher. Besides, they provide additional value to the visitors of the event by giving them unique promo deals and perks proposals.

What are the benefits for the Sponsors?

Easy Sponsor is a great service for businesses with limited budgets or companies that want to escape from the traditional branding options and corporate social responsibility. This tool could help them drive their sales and generate concrete business leads by reaching the right target customers with an attractive direct offer. The design of the voucher includes a promo code that enables sponsors to track and follow their sales growth so they could precisely measure the effect of their advertising investment.

Don’t hesitate to try out the Easy Sponsor service  and give us your feedback, it will be highly appreciated!

Sponsia proceeds to the Second Round of Webit Congress’ StartUp Challenge

We are proud to share that Sponsia has passed the preliminary selection of Webit Congress’ StartUp Challenge and proceeds to the second round! Our project is amongst the 200 startups which got selected out of the 843 applicants.

On August 30, 2013, the Webit StartUp Challenge Jury shall announce the 21 finalists who get a free stand at Webit StartUp Village and the opportunity to pitch at the Leaders of the Future Conference Stage and in front of thousands of potential partners, investors and media and also to win a cash prize.

Meanwhile, Sponsia also competes for Webit’s Audience Award which will give the 10 most voted startups the chance to present at the Open Theater of Webit Congress.

We’ll be grateful if you show your support and vote for Sponsia here! The voting ends on September 2, 2013 at 12:00 pm GMT.

Sponsia to exhibit at Web Summit 2013

We are happy to share the news that Sponsia got selected to exhibit for free at Web Summit 2013! The event which is considered as Europe’s biggest tech conference will be held on 30 – 31 October 2013 in Dublin, Ireland.

Sponsia will have an exhibition stand next to the world’s most promising startups and leading tech companies due to the Summit’s Alpha program that is picking 10 startups every week to give them the chance to showcase their business to the conference attendants.

This year the Web Summit is expected to attract 6 000 people. The speakers lineup includes the founders of Evernote, Skype, WordPress and Hailo, as well as pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The Web Summit started in 2010 as a one-day conference and has evolved into what the organisers are calling “a festival of ideas and events”.

Sponsia Grabbed Third Place at the National Business Concept Contest Th13teen Arts

We are happy to announce Sponsia won the 3rd place at the business concept contest Th13teen Arts. The competition was Bulgaria’s national round of the world championship for creative entrepreneurs Creative Business Cup and its final took place on 13 July 2013 at Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia.

Among the 15 contenders that had submitted their applications, 9 projects were selected to participate in the last stage of the contest on the basis of their originality, creativity and market potential.

Sponsia was represented by Milen Ivanov, our CMO and co-founder, whose presentation definitely stood out and was well received by both jury and audience.

The first place was grabbed by Embrioo.com which secured them a qualification spot for the Creative Business Cup international final in Copenhagen, Denmark on 18-20 November 2013. Voiceboard, another team backed by Eleven, came second.

The Creative Business Cup final will gather 40 national winners to determine the new World’s best entrepreneur within the creative industries who will also receive a $50,000 prize for the purpose and implementation of his business concept.

Sponsia London City Sales Manager Wanted

Sponsia.com is a start-up company that is building an on-line platform linking Event Organizers to corporate Sponsors to help them organize a branding friendly event via attracting sponsors’ money or resources needed for the event.

Sponsia is backed up by Eleven – a EUR 12 million venture fund that provides financing to early-stage startups, powered by Springboard, the leading European startup accelerator. The project was chosen to be one of the 4 best start-up ideas in Eastern Europe in E-nnovation Contest in Poland and is currently undergoing a second round of investment pitching.  In 4 months the company has achieved great client traction, launched beta version and tested the product on a smaller market – Bulgaria, where the development team is outsourced.

With regards to the next stage of development we are looking to hire:

City Sales Manager – London

The City Sales Manager (CSM) will be a key figure in Sponsia’s start-up team. Initially this will be working-out-of-home job. CSM will work in a very close relation with the founders of the company and the development team to pilot test the on-line platform and business model, project manage the development of new features and correct bottle necks of the existing.

In the first 3 months, CSM’s main goal will be to close at least 6 deals for Sponsorship and enlist more deals in the pipe-line.

The main responsibilities of the role are expected to include:

To Sponsors
• Identify and contact potential sponsors. Sponsors universe will include global and local brands (and their advertising agencies) with budgets for BTL, CSR and event marketing campaigns. Sponsors may also be smaller businesses that would like to target and sell to local communities.
• Sell Sponsia’s mission and get decision makers interested
• Present the beta version of the platfrom and enlist Sponsors to use it
• Collect feedback from Sponsors about needs, budgets, strategies, product ideas and corrections.
• Close deals for real sponsorships for real events

To Event Organizers
• Generate database for new events and event organizers (professional and amateur). Work with them to improve the usability of the platform from that end.
• Advise and help event organizers to make branding friendly events that serve sponsors’ needs.
• Find and recruit media partners to support event popularization.
• Find and enlist service and equipment providers for event production.

Product development support
• Website content management – mainly developing a library of knowledge on event management and branding useful to event organizers.
• Collecting users feedback and suggesting website changes and improvements,
• Work with developers to deliver the latter
• Customer service and admin support for the website
• Produce regular reports

As this will be a role in a start-up team, we will expect that there’s a great deal of flexibility about the expectations for what are going to be the main duties of the City Sales Manager. In general, he/she will be in charge of ALL customer base development as job priorities may change with business development.

The Person:
• Positive
• Energetic
• Pro-active
• Hard-working
• Curious
• Achiever
• Entrepreneurial
• Flexible

The Qualifications:
• Communication skills
• Sales Skills
• Knowledge in marketing, branding and advertising
• Organizational Skills
• On-line savvy
• Brilliant English – very good writing skills in business English

The ideal background:
• 2-3 years job in Sales in on-line media, advertising or event management company
• Proven track record of b2b sales to big and medium advertisers
• On-line business experience
• International Sales experience is huge advantage

Please send your CV + a photo and write us a few words about your specific success in sales. Only selected candidates will be contacted and provided with feedback.

Your personal information will be used only for the purpose of the recruitment process and will be treated with confidentiality.