Easy Sponsor is а unique service developed by Sponsia that creates new business opportunities for both organizers of events and sponsors. The tool gives sponsors the ability to effortlessly advertise their offering to all the attendants of a specific event by creating and distributing a special voucher that will go directly in the hands of their target client group. Event organizers, on the other hand, have the chance to earn some extra money by distributing vouchers and brochures with offers from sponsors on their events and get paid per distributed voucher.

How does it work?

Emily Wilson works as an Event planner at a Speed dating club and she is responsible for organizing its regular meetings. She decides to sign up on www.sponsia.com in order to find new sponsors for the club’s events. While registering the club’s upcoming event on Sponsia’s platform, Emily indicates that she allows potential sponsors to advertise their offering to the event attendants in the form of printed vouchers/brochures. She provides a shipping address where the vouchers will be delivered in case there are interested sponsors.

John Stratford is the owner of an online clothing store who wants to increase the sales and the awareness of his brand through advertising at events. He registers on www.sponsia.com as a sponsor and gains access to a number of special features, including  “Easy Sponsor”. John decides to advertise with a voucher at events – he creates a unique voucher by choosing an original design, importing his brand’s logo and formulating a special offer with a 15% discount for his online store. In the next step John starts searching for events that precisely match his business needs and target customers and he finds the speed dating event. He sends the organizer of the event a sponsorship proposal with the number of vouchers he wants to distrubute.

Emily receives a notification about the offer, checks it and confirms the deal. John is charged for each voucher that will go in the hands of an event visitor. And that’s all they have to do! Sponsia is responsible for the printing and the delivery of the vouchers to Emily’s event. She just needs to put the vouchers in the hands of all the guests of the event and after the event she gets paid for each distributed voucher!



What are the benefits for the Event Organizers?

Event organizers get the opportunity to earn extra money from their event without much efforts – they only have to give each attendant a voucher. Besides, they provide additional value to the visitors of the event by giving them unique promo deals and perks proposals.

What are the benefits for the Sponsors?

Easy Sponsor is a great service for businesses with limited budgets or companies that want to escape from the traditional branding options and corporate social responsibility. This tool could help them drive their sales and generate concrete business leads by reaching the right target customers with an attractive direct offer. The design of the voucher includes a promo code that enables sponsors to track and follow their sales growth so they could precisely measure the effect of their advertising investment.

Don’t hesitate to try out the Easy Sponsor service  and give us your feedback, it will be highly appreciated!