With a brand new iOS application and releases in several European cities, Eventyard gets international presence and opens up a new Seed round for investors.

The mobile application is ready to use and gives exciting events nearby to everyone who travels a lot and looks for independent and valuable content. Thus users will not need to download different application everywhere it goes, as Eventyard works everywhere.

Just one night after the release, the app has a number of downloads from Sofia, Lisbon, London and Berlin – cities packed with great artists, musicians and venues who add their upcoming shows on Eventyard in order to stand out of the noise on the Internet. Eventyard’s next stop is Belgrade, where they plan to bring the localization to the next level by starting translations in local languages.

Eventyard helps you discover events you love. The platform matches users’ interests with their location and gives exciting upcoming events suggestions. It is the place where independent event organizers like artists, musicians or small local venues can stand out of the crowd and promote their events at a reasonable price. Thus they are finally able to reach targeted new audience and keep the conversation with their followers going.

Eventyard is a member of the first batch of startups funded by Eleven Startup Accelerator. They are now opening their Seed round which will be closed till the end of this year and they invite everyone interested to join the round. Eventyard was also selected to participate in Lisbon Challenge among more than 650 applications. You can follow Eventyard through its Angel List profile.