Traditional ads are becoming less effective and credible, which makes it difficult for brand owners to distribute their product and make their brand recognizable among others. This could be extremely challenging and even frustrating especially if you’re running a small or medium business. Don’t lose hope! Sponsor an event!

Sponsorship, financial or in-kind, is a great marketing tool that could help you to establish and improve your company image and credibility by supporting events or causes that your target market finds alluring. If you’re still not convinced, here are some benefits that come in the “Sponsorship package”:

  • Reaching the right audience

Sponsoring an event gives you a vast opportunity to communicate your message or show your brand and product to a specific desired target group that could be really interested

  • Building brand awareness and recognition

By sponsoring an event you have the chance to receive some great exposure in front of the attendees of the event that could bring your brand more awareness and recognition in the market.

  •  Creating and enhancing your corporate image

Sponsorship is also a great way to satisfy your brand’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) needs and show people your support for a good cause. This will considerably accelerate the process of creating and building trust and establishing connection with customers.

  • Media exposure

Most events achieve a lot of publicity which is beneficial for the sponsors as well by just being mentioned in editorials and appearing in the photos of the event. This is a great chance to provide extended visibility and exposure in markets you haven’t conquered yet.

  • Distributing samples and offers

By distributing samples of your product or service at the event, you can receive an honest feedback from the attendees. That way you can gather useful information about your product and make further adjustments, if needed. You could also provide special offers and discounts for the event attendees that could result in new customers and more sales.

  • Establishing new partnerships

Another advantage of sponsoring an event is the opportunity to meet potential partners and establish new professional connections among other sponsors, vendors and even attendees.

  •  Community involvement

By sponsoring a local event with huge significance to a specific community you’re showing your interest in providing support. To be seen supporting the community and helping its development can increase your brand’s image and popularity.

  • Contacts

Accessing a list of attendees is surely one of the biggest benefits you may get when sponsoring an event. That way you could gain access to mailing lists and distributing channels, which will ensure further connection and chance of promoting your brand.

And it’s cost effective!

Sponsors are associated with the event they support so it’s of high importance for them to choose events that are suitable for their brand or product.

If you have a business and you’re interested in event sponsorship as a promising and reliable marketing strategy, all you need to do is to find an event or a cause that is most suitable for your enterprise. And that’s what Sponsia is here for.