We are very excited to share that Sponsia is the first Bulgarian startup to be approved for fundraising through Seedrs, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the UK and Europe.

We’ve just launched our crowdfunding campaign that allows investors to easily invest in Sponsia small amounts of money (starting from 10 GBP) and get shares in the company as a result. If you thought that disrupting the sponsorship industry is cool or ever wished to become our partner and support our mission, now is the time to take advantage of this exciting investment opportunity.

Our campaign, which is also backed by the Eleven VC fund, is now trending on Seedrs with 51% of its target (125 000 GBP in exhange for 10% equity) already secured!

What do we do?
Sponsia has the ambition to create a global online marketplace for event sponsorship opportunities. To build it, we provide desktop & mobile solutions that help event organizers sell more of their media property to sponsors. Our latest product is a customized mobile application for events that is being received very well by local event organizers. Sponsia started business in the beginning of 2013 and already has growing customer base, recurring revenue and valuable market experience.

How to invest?

To learn more and invest in Sponsia, you just need to visit our campaign page on Seedrs here:


You have to register, then click the orange ‘INVEST’ button and follow the steps to pledge the amount you want to invest. Then you have to transfer to Seedrs the amount you’re pledging by debit card or bank transfer. You can watch a video example here:

When our campaign hits its target, your investment goes through, with Seedrs taking care of all the legal processes and costs on investors behalf.

All the investors who are UK taxpayers get significant tax relief on the investment they make through Seedrs since Sponsia qualifies for SEIS. Investors who are investing more than 500 GBP will also get a free customized mobile event app in addition to their shares.

About Seedrs
Seedrs.com helps startups raise money and is regulated by the FCA. So far it has recorded more than 100 deals with an average of 1 million GBP invested per month in successful campaigns and a growing base of more than 30 000 investors. It’s like Kickstarter for startups but instead of T-shirts you get real shares in our business.