Hello and welcome to the brand new blog of Sponsia.com – the online marketplace linking sponsors to organizers of local events, causes and activities!

Who are we?

Sponsia was founded by Milen Ivanov and Teodosy Teodosiev on the 20th of November 2012 with the vision to create a whole new channel for advertisers via a global online platform that will help people to sell branding opportunities from the events of their lives to interested brands and businesses. The project is backed up by Eleven – a EUR 12 million venture fund that provides financing to early-stage startups, powered by Springboard, the leading European startup accelerator.

Right now we are a team of 9 that includes Milen (CMO and Co-founder), Teo (CTO and Co-founder), Silvena Dragostinova (Developer), Jivko Todorov (Graphic Designer), Niki Markov (City Sales Manager), Rumen Russev (City Sales Manager), Vladimir Ivanov (Online Marketing Specialist), Lora Yacheva (Marketing Intern) and Hristina Todorova (Marketing Intern).

What do we do?

Sponsia gives professional and non-professional event organizers the opportunity to raise funds and create better events and also helps them find sponsors interested in their events. Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from a wide choice of activities that could position their brands and businesses at the right events in front of the right target consumers, thus influencing the awareness, image and sales.

Sponsia brings sponsorship to a new level by giving new opportunities, providing flexibility and suggesting new budget-friendly formats of sponsoring – beneficial for both sides.

What is this blog about?

In this blog we will share with you the valuable lessons gained through our experience and collaboration with both event organizers and sponsors, we’ll try to focus on the best practices in event sponsorship so you could apply them in your activities and also show you the mistakes made by others so you could avoid them. We intend to post case studies and examples of complicated situations that occur in the process of event management and event sponsorship and offer you our solutions.

We’ll share with you useful how-to articles, photos and videos about event organizing, event management, event advertising and sponsorship. We will be happy to keep you in touch with the latest trends and opportunities in those fields mentioned above.

We plan to provide you with regular updates about the changes in Sponsia’s web platform and its further development. We’ll explain in detail the new functionalities of our website and show you how they work. And last but not least, we’ll do our best to inform you about the hottest events for event management and advertising that occur in UK and Europe.

We appreciate your feedback

On the Sponsia blog, feel free to comment each posting and share your thoughts so we can create a valuable discussion between eventpreneurs, marketers and business owners. We would love getting your feedback!