How it works
Create your own branded mobile event app

If you want YOUR OWN customized mobile app

  • + Choose your plan
  • + Fill in your app name and upload your logo
  • + Fill in your event info
  • + Receive download links for your app in 3 days for Google Play Store and
    3 weeks for Apple App Store
  • + Start promoting your app to your attendees

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List your event for free in the Sponsia mobile app
Register your event info fast and easy.
Your event will be listed in the Sponsia mobile app immediately
Done! Now you have a free mobile site for your event!
And now your visitors will be able to:
see what's on
find out who's there
get perks from sponsors
Now it's time to start promoting it!
What do I get
Promote your event

in a new way

Cool experience

for event attendees

New revenue streams

sell more to sponsors

New communication channel

fast, easy and effective

Networking tool

for attendees

Save money

no need to print

Full event info

changeable any moment

Additional value

for sponsors and partners

Receive feedback

from your attendees

  • Feautures\Plan

  • Customization - name, icon, welcome screen
  • Number of events
  • Exclusivity
  • Event info
  • Map of the location
  • Agenda
  • Speakers/Performers listing and profiles
  • Sponsors listing
  • Other participants listing
  • Visitor profiles
  • Networking chat tool for visitors
  • Facebook integration – login and share
  • About Event organizer page
  • Interactive sponsorship - offer perks, deals &
    discounts to event visitors
  • Event updates from organizer to visitors
  • Survey
  • Registration in app stores
  • Standard

  • Free

  • No
    (You use Sponsia branded app)
  • Unlimited
  • No
    Your events are listed among others in Sponsia app
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Your event listed in (Sponsors using the platform can find it)
  • Advanced

    1 event only
  • One-time Instalation Fee 250 EUR +


    per event

  • (Your branding)
  • 1 event only
  • Yes
    Only your event
    in the app
  • + €30 additional
  • Your event featured in (Sponsors will see it first)
  • Pro

    Unlimited events
  • One-time Instalation Fee 250 EUR +


    per month
    for annual subscription

  • (Your branding)
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
    Only your events
    in the app
  • + €15 additional
  • Your event featured in (Sponsors will see it first)

Don't like any of these plans? Request a special one customized for you!

Push Notifications

visual and sound updates

Multi-stage Agenda

parallel sessions and stages

Email Registration and Login

Users signup with email and password

Voting System

Users browse in list of entries and vote

Q & A live session

Users send questions through the app

Presentations Module

Users view and download presentations

Results and Timetables

Users can view sports results and timetables

Product Module

Event organizers can promote their products

Multi-language menu

Users choose and switch the menu language

Pricing and development upon request.